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Article: Budget Brilliance: Transforming Bedrooms without Breaking the Bank

Budget Brilliance: Transforming Bedrooms without Breaking the Bank
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Budget Brilliance: Transforming Bedrooms without Breaking the Bank

Those currently renting will understand the frustration that comes with the limited amount of personality you can inject into your rooms. We also find it difficult to invest in larger pieces when you’re constantly moving from place to place and don’t know if certain pieces will fit in your forever home. 

Using The Roost’s Visualisation Tools, we’ve created a bedroom scene all for under £500 alongside our guide to some practical but temporary decorating ideas to elevate your home without breaking the landlord’s rules. For this purpose, we’ve chosen the lovely, but typically ‘landlord friendly’ neutral Coat Paints Pampas Natural Off-White on the walls. 

Please note that the bed used within our bedroom scene is the standard prop and sadly, not included in the £500 overall total! Click any of the below images to be taken to that specific room scene and become your own interior designer from the comfort of your own home!


Most rentals these days come part furnished. If this means a rather grotty bed, vamp up the wall space behind with a large tapestry or wall hanging in place of a headboard.  

Coming in at just £92, Stray Studio have a wonderfully quirky collection of statement wall hangings such as the Kleio Cotton Wall Hanging. Add colour without adding any permanent changes. 

A couple of throw cushions on the bed will instantly add some texture and pattern. We’ve teamed Ian Snow’s Confetti Blush Block Print cushions, £26 not including an inner, £33.50 including an inner to compliment the wall hanging. Accessories such as these can personalise your space and are easily portable when you move.  

Stark and overhead basic lighting can be switched off. Switch it up for a statement bedside table lamp for a softer, warmer glow with Graham and Green’s Hetty Hare Resin Lamp, £135. Table lamps let you experiment with placement and maintaining flexibility when on the move.   

The power of nature is not to be underestimated! Bring the outdoors in with low-maintenance indoor plants. Not only do they add a touch of nature, but they also contribute to a healthier living environment. Consider placing plants in stylish pots to enhance the overall aesthetic. Leaf Envy believe that plants bring spaces to life and make people happy and we couldn’t agree more.   

And finally, the must-have, the trusty bedside table. Fishe and Lilly’s Scandinavian Oak Oslo Bedside Table is made with sustainably sourced mango wood with a rich oak finish. It’s sturdy and reliable while being functional for decluttering.   

TOTAL SPEND: £448.98 


Elevate your room drawing inspiration from the below bedroom scenes. 

TOTAL SPEND: £474.98


TOTAL SPEND: £456.99 


TOTAL SPEND: £512.99 


TOTAL SPEND: £483.99

*You can shop Studio Gabrielle's lovely Headboard in the header image by clicking here.

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