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You will receive an email from us once your order has been dispatched. If all the items in your order are from one supplier, you may get all tracking information in one email. As we are a home for multiple brands, our brand partners may ship items at different times. If you ordered from multiple brands, we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number for each item bought. We know that you’ll be eager for your order to arrive – trust us, it’ll be worth the wait! 

As we are an agent for our brand suppliers (we sell and promote our suppliers products on their behalf), all orders are fulfilled by them. Therefore, there will be multiple shipping costs applied at checkout depending on your shipping address. Each brand has their own rate for every region – some offer free shipping, some don’t, others sell to UK-only customers, others sell to the UK, EU and USA. The shipping costs charged are the same as any other retailer will charge for the exact same item. It's important to know we currently only ship within mainland UK and we accumulate the costs so you see one total shipping cost. If for any reason, you've ordered an item which a seller cannot deliver, we may have to refund your order, although we will try to deliver it through our own means for an additional cost. If we have undercharged your shipping costs, we may need to send an invoice in order to make sure you can receive your item(s) safely. 

All our products can be delivered to mainland UK. However, some of our suppliers struggle with certain areas within the UK. If your order cannot be processed, please get in touch at and we will try to arrange a delivery, wherever you may be. You have the right to cancel your order if the item has not been fulfilled. 

Please check the product’s listing page for the estimated time of arrival for each specific item. Although lead times are estimated, many of our products arrive well before the estimated time frame. If you have ordered a made to order item and our brand partner has one in stock, they will dispatch it immediately. During peak times and bank holidays, some of our suppliers pause fulfilment. Your order will still be processed but this may take a little longer than expected to arrive.