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Wallpaper & Paints

Wallpaper & Paints

Decorating with wallpaper and paint is a stylish way to bring interest in a room. Papering one feature wall with high-quality wallpaper and painting the remaining walls with a complementary colour creates a focal point and is an effective way of introducing colour in the room. Why not get creative with bold and contrasting colour combinations? Within our collection of beautiful wallpaper and paint, you’ll find the perfect partnership for your home. 

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2AM Dark Royal Blue2AM Dark Royal Blue
Coat Paints
2AM Dark Royal Blue Sale priceFrom £1.50
Big Timer Warm Deep GreyBig Timer Warm Deep Grey
Coat Paints
Big Timer Warm Deep Grey Sale priceFrom £1.50
Sold out
Bindi Wallpaper BlueBindi Wallpaper Blue
Molly Mahon
Bindi Wallpaper Blue Sale price£184.00
Birds & Bees Wallpaper Pea GreenBirds & Bees Wallpaper Pea Green
Cameo Vase WallpaperCameo Vase Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Cameo Vase Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
China Tea WallpaperChina Tea Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
China Tea Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Ciao, Sofia Greyed PinkCiao, Sofia Greyed Pink
Coat Paints
Ciao, Sofia Greyed Pink Sale priceFrom £1.50
Clover WallpaperClover Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Clover Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Coral Wallpaper BlueCoral Wallpaper Blue
Molly Mahon
Coral Wallpaper Blue Sale price£188.00
Diyenay WallpaperDiyenay Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Diyenay Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Dodie Charcoal BlueDodie Charcoal Blue
Coat Paints
Dodie Charcoal Blue Sale priceFrom £1.50
Floral Ogee WallpaperFloral Ogee Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Floral Ogee Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Folie WallpaperFolie Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Folie Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Hearts and Minds Wallpaper in SageHearts and Minds Wallpaper in Sage
Honfleur Wallpaper - 10m RollHonfleur Wallpaper - 10m Roll
Ivy Trellis WallpaperIvy Trellis Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Ivy Trellis Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Lani Wallpaper GoldLani Wallpaper Gold
Molly Mahon
Lani Wallpaper Gold Sale price£184.00
Lisboa WallpaperLisboa Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Lisboa Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Low Salt Grey Off-WhiteLow Salt Grey Off-White
Coat Paints
Low Salt Grey Off-White Sale priceFrom £1.50
Marigold Wallpaper Pink/BlueMarigold Wallpaper Pink/Blue
Mille Feuilles WallpaperMille Feuilles Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Mille Feuilles Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Monika's Vines WallpaperMonika's Vines Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Monika's Vines Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
New York in the 70sNew York in the 70s
Kelling Home
New York in the 70s Sale price£120.00
Oak leaf Wallpaper in PeridotOak leaf Wallpaper in Peridot
On Mute Clean Cool GreyOn Mute Clean Cool Grey
Coat Paints
On Mute Clean Cool Grey Sale priceFrom £1.50
Orleans WallpaperOrleans Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Orleans Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Paisley WallpaperPaisley Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Paisley Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Palms WallpaperPalms Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Palms Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Pheasant WallpaperPheasant Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Pheasant Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Sapowaydidi WallpaperSapowaydidi Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Sapowaydidi Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Sovana Wallpaper - 10m RollSovana Wallpaper - 10m Roll
Suzette WallpaperSuzette Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Suzette Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
The Record Store Warm BlackThe Record Store Warm Black
Trousseau WallpaperTrousseau Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Trousseau Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Wild Strawberries WallpaperWild Strawberries Wallpaper
100% Maybe Green Off-White100% Maybe Green Off-White
Adulting Dark TealAdulting Dark Teal
Coat Paints
Adulting Dark Teal Sale priceFrom £1.50
Algorithm Light Cool GreyAlgorithm Light Cool Grey
Coat Paints
Algorithm Light Cool Grey Sale priceFrom £1.50
All Inclusive Deep BlueAll Inclusive Deep Blue
Coat Paints
All Inclusive Deep Blue Sale priceFrom £1.50
Alotablots Wallpaper in BlushAlotablots Wallpaper in Blush
Alotablots Wallpaper in PuttyAlotablots Wallpaper in Putty
Alotablots Wallpaper in SageAlotablots Wallpaper in Sage
Alotablots Wallpaper in SkyAlotablots Wallpaper in Sky
Ambrose Warm StoneAmbrose Warm Stone
Coat Paints
Ambrose Warm Stone Sale priceFrom £1.50
And Breathe Beige GreenAnd Breathe Beige Green
Coat Paints
And Breathe Beige Green Sale priceFrom £1.50
Arctic Roll Pale YellowArctic Roll Pale Yellow
Coat Paints
Arctic Roll Pale Yellow Sale priceFrom £1.50
Axolotl Pale PinkAxolotl Pale Pink
Coat Paints
Axolotl Pale Pink Sale priceFrom £1.50
Baked Soft TerracottaBaked Soft Terracotta
Coat Paints
Baked Soft Terracotta Sale priceFrom £1.50
Bamboo WallpaperBamboo Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Bamboo Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Below Deck Greyed BlueBelow Deck Greyed Blue
Coat Paints
Below Deck Greyed Blue Sale priceFrom £1.50
Bindi Flower WallpaperBindi Flower Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Bindi Flower Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Biscuits For Breakfast Deep BeigeBiscuits For Breakfast Deep Beige
Bookstore Light Green BeigeBookstore Light Green Beige
Brasserie BrownBrasserie Brown
Coat Paints
Brasserie Brown Sale priceFrom £1.50
Brewer Dark Cool GreenBrewer Dark Cool Green
Coat Paints
Brewer Dark Cool Green Sale priceFrom £1.50
Café Flore Mid Green BeigeCafé Flore Mid Green Beige
Cargo Greeny GreigeCargo Greeny Greige
Coat Paints
Cargo Greeny Greige Sale priceFrom £1.50
Cold Brew Deep TaupeCold Brew Deep Taupe
Coat Paints
Cold Brew Deep Taupe Sale priceFrom £1.50
Darlington Deep Grey GreenDarlington Deep Grey Green
David Rose Charcoal BlackDavid Rose Charcoal Black
Coat Paints
David Rose Charcoal Black Sale priceFrom £1.50
Debate Club Deep GreigeDebate Club Deep Greige
Coat Paints
Debate Club Deep Greige Sale priceFrom £1.50
Detox Clean BlueDetox Clean Blue
Coat Paints
Detox Clean Blue Sale priceFrom £1.50
Ditch the Tie Dark GreenDitch the Tie Dark Green
Coat Paints
Ditch the Tie Dark Green Sale priceFrom £1.50
Divided WallpaperDivided Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Divided Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Duvet Day Modern BeigeDuvet Day Modern Beige
Coat Paints
Duvet Day Modern Beige Sale priceFrom £1.50
East For Trees GreenEast For Trees Green
Coat Paints
East For Trees Green Sale priceFrom £1.50
Factor Fifty Dry Plaster PinkFactor Fifty Dry Plaster Pink
Felt Cute Nude PinkFelt Cute Nude Pink
Coat Paints
Felt Cute Nude Pink Sale priceFrom £1.50
Fern Wallpaper MustardFern Wallpaper Mustard
Free Range Duck Egg BlueFree Range Duck Egg Blue
Coat Paints
Free Range Duck Egg Blue Sale priceFrom £1.50
French Trellis Wallpaper - 10m RollFrench Trellis Wallpaper - 10m Roll
Good Intentions Pale TaupeGood Intentions Pale Taupe
Granny Chic Bright PinkGranny Chic Bright Pink
Coat Paints
Granny Chic Bright Pink Sale priceFrom £1.50
Gumption Dark Taupe BrownGumption Dark Taupe Brown
Coat Paints
Gumption Dark Taupe Brown Sale priceFrom £1.50
Hamilton Dusty TealHamilton Dusty Teal
Coat Paints
Hamilton Dusty Teal Sale priceFrom £1.50
Hardback Dark GreigeHardback Dark Greige
Coat Paints
Hardback Dark Greige Sale priceFrom £1.50
Hearts and Minds Wallpaper in BlushHearts and Minds Wallpaper in Blush
Hearts and Minds Wallpaper in PuttyHearts and Minds Wallpaper in Putty
Hearts and Minds Wallpaper in SkyHearts and Minds Wallpaper in Sky
Hearts Wallpaper PinkHearts Wallpaper Pink
Hello Vera Beige GreenHello Vera Beige Green
Coat Paints
Hello Vera Beige Green Sale priceFrom £1.50
Home Grown Clean GreenHome Grown Clean Green
Coat Paints
Home Grown Clean Green Sale priceFrom £1.50
Honfleur Reverse Wallpaper - 10m RollHonfleur Reverse Wallpaper - 10m Roll
Hooley Cool Deep GreyHooley Cool Deep Grey
Coat Paints
Hooley Cool Deep Grey Sale priceFrom £1.50
House Points Golden YellowHouse Points Golden Yellow
Humble Warm BeigeHumble Warm Beige
Coat Paints
Humble Warm Beige Sale priceFrom £1.50
Jaipur Flower WallpaperJaipur Flower Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Jaipur Flower Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Jane Creamy WhiteJane Creamy White
Coat Paints
Jane Creamy White Sale priceFrom £1.50
Just, Barely Warm Grey WhiteJust, Barely Warm Grey White
Kazbek WallpaperKazbek Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Kazbek Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Kind Regards Light Green GreigeKind Regards Light Green Greige
La Villette WallpaperLa Villette Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
La Villette Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
Leaf Wallpaper Grass GreenLeaf Wallpaper Grass Green
Lie-in Light Grey BlueLie-in Light Grey Blue
Coat Paints
Lie-in Light Grey Blue Sale priceFrom £1.50
Lineament WallpaperLineament Wallpaper
Dado Atelier
Lineament Wallpaper Sale priceFrom £3.00
London in the 60sLondon in the 60s
Kelling Home
London in the 60s Sale price£120.00
Mansard Duck GreenMansard Duck Green
Coat Paints
Mansard Duck Green Sale priceFrom £1.50
Margot Warm GreyMargot Warm Grey
Coat Paints
Margot Warm Grey Sale priceFrom £1.50
Marwari Horse Wallpaper BlueMarwari Horse Wallpaper Blue
Mezcal Rich Burnt OrangeMezcal Rich Burnt Orange
Coat Paints
Mezcal Rich Burnt Orange Sale priceFrom £1.50