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our technology sets us apart

Our technology sets us apart. Right from the start, we wanted The Roost’s technology to drive the brand. We now partner with an award-winning software company. The aim? To revolutionise the online shopping experience. How? By building powerful filtering and visualisation technologies. The result? It’s easier for customers to find products they love.

This ground-breaking software is at the heart of The Roost. It allows customers to browse, choose, try and buy products like never before. Finally, the home furnishing process is as easy and enjoyable as it should be.

And, just as our product range keeps evolving, so does our technology. We’re already planning the next website upgrade, including 3D capabilities. Watch this space…

"We started The Roost because we felt the furniture industry hasn’t kept pace with the potential of modern technologies.

In an era where you can try clothes on virtually, why can’t you do the same with furniture? We wanted to develop a 'try before you buy' concept and revolutionise the home space."

Our Visualisation Technology

Drag and Drop Design

You’re the interior designer; we provide the tools. Our visualisation technology will help you to see exactly how your room will look with the products you’ve chosen.

Start with an empty 2D canvas, and add the furniture and furnishings to the space. It’s as simple as drag and drop. You don’t need to worry about sizing either. Provide the proportions of your room, and our tech will curate products that fit. And when we release our 3D software, your dream room will take on a whole new reality.


Now you can plan like never before. Visualise your space before buying a thing. Once you're happy, buy all the items in one click. Wasn't it useful to see the colour scheme works and the items actually fit in your room?



Tired of endlessly scrolling?

Let us Visualise your home

Shop what’s hot at the moment by using one of our carefully styled mock-up rooms. Lack confidence? Lack time? Or are you completely new to this? Click on the image you like and edit or buy instantly!