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Article: The Five Key Purchasers for Renters

The Five Key Purchasers for Renters
Key Purchases

The Five Key Purchasers for Renters

How do you make a rental feel like home? With over a fifth of Britons living in a privately rented property, it’s a question that many of us are asking. 

Whether you’re in a flat that’s crying out for some personality or a house that could do with some hygge, it’s simple to add a few well-chosen additions to make it somewhere that feels like yours. But before you begin reimagining your space, make sure you know what you’re allowed to change. Some landlords will be happy for you to repaint their magnolia walls, while others may prefer you to make some less permanent alterations.

We’ve pulled together the five key purchases you need to inject individuality into your rental space: 

Rental Purchase #1: Multifunctional furniture

If your rental is unfurnished, opting for multifunctional furniture can save money and space. Plus, it will allow your room to provide different functions throughout the day. Invest in smart, aesthetically pleasing furniture that adapts to your needs. This also works wonders in a compact space; think of a table as a work corner by day and a dining area by night. Or, if you’re really tight on space, consider furniture which can fold away or store easily, like a nest of tables or a cube sofa. 

Rental Purchase #2: Mirrors to add depth

From long, free-standing silhouettes to opulent wall-mounted frames, mirrors add light and depth to any room. And they’re the perfect solution for rooms with limited space. Our mirror collection offers a huge range of styles and sizes. So, whether you’re a fan of clean lines, geometric shapes, or classic forms, we’ll have a mirror you’ll love. A mirror adds depth to any room, creating a striking focal point and allowing the eye to travel beyond the limitations of the walls. 

Rental Purchase #3: Colourful accessories and soft furnishings

Accessories are a simple way to inject your personality into the home. Just add a rug, a throw, a cluster of cushions, a pair of curtains – they’ll instantly revamp a room and bring character and warmth. Accessories and soft furnishings add layers, depth and texture to any space. And they can travel with you to your next property, so you’re investing for the long term. 

Colour Palettes

Consider our floral or geometric rugs and cushions to add colour and a feel of home. Explore our intricate embroidered designs and vibrant prints, or opt for bold primary colours like rich blues and greens. Or, for those who prefer pared-back and neutral palettes, keep things muted with some pastel hues in beige and creams. If you’re not sure which colour palette works for you, start with one dominant fabric that initially takes your eye, perhaps the curtains or rug. Then begin layering by adding smaller-scale fabrics like cushions and lampshades.

Feel-good factors

Plants will bring a sense of nature into a room – there’s nothing more soothing than the presence of green, living things. If you’re not particularly green-fingered, why not look at incredibly low-maintenance succulents? We also recommend investing in scented candles.  The instant warming glow and fragrance will cosy things up and makes your house feel like a home.

Storage solutions

Don’t forget the small details. We recommend our storage baskets to add an instant pop of individuality to your room and clear away the clutter. They also work equally well in bathrooms and bedrooms too. They have a fabulous tactile quality that adds character to a scheme.

Rental Purchase #4: Well-positioned lighting

With the right lighting, a room can feel like an entirely different space. Lighting is a simple yet effective way to completely change the feel of a room. A well-positioned table lamp or a beautiful shade for the ceiling light can alter how things look and create a comfortable, homely feel. Explore our free-standing floor lamps, bedside, reading lamps and unique wall lights and find the ones that speak to you. 

The choice of bulb can also dramatically change the feel of a room. Ideally, you should try to opt for the lowest wattage you need to save on electricity. Soft glow light bulbs can completely transform a stark, austere room into a seriously stylish space. 

Lighting can also change the dynamic of the space. Try to balance style with practicality; consider moving a table lamp around the room to find the perfect spot or consider illuminating areas that might usually be overlooked. Bring light to the darker corners of your life!

Rental Purchase #5: Wall art or wallpapers

It’s the most obvious way to stamp your personality on the home, and it’s the most effective too. Fill your walls with art, colours and patterns that express who you are, and how you live. Our unique wall art, framed posters and fabric wall hangings will let you truly put your own mark on your home. Not only is it a cost-effective and low-maintenance way to update your decor, but it allows you to brighten up your room and cover up any holes, cracks or stains.

Traditional permanent wallpaper is a no-go for most rental properties. But temporary wallpaper is a great alternative and can make a stunning impact. Explore our styles and designs to find something to suit your space. Another option for wallpaper lovers is considering framed wallpaper. Invest in one of our large picture frames and simply frame the sheet of wallpaper. Position two or three matching frames featuring the same wallpaper next to each other for a more dramatic effect or as part of a wall art feature.

So… Even if your home is only yours until the end of your lease, it’s still important to let your individuality shine through while you’re there. These five key purchases will give you the accessories, furniture and decor to personalise any space, and as an added bonus – they won’t infringe on your letting agreement. Now, it’s time to explore The Roost to find the things you love. 

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