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Article: Creating / Designing Your Dream Home Together: The Roost’s Guide to Wedding Gifts

Creating / Designing Your Dream Home Together: The Roost’s Guide to Wedding Gifts
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Creating / Designing Your Dream Home Together: The Roost’s Guide to Wedding Gifts

When it comes to wedding gifts that truly stand the test of time, there’s nothing quite like interiors and homewares. As a present, gifting a newlywed couple furniture that is both valuable and will hold its longevity, is always a safe option.

However, both expensive and highly dependent on personal taste, buying interiors as a wedding gift can be a daunting task. At The Roost, we understand the importance of this and are here to shed light on why an interior wedding list is a great way to show your guests exactly what you want in your new home.

Creating a wedding wishlist with The Roost isn’t just about compiling a list of gifts; it ensures couples receive meaningful gifts that reflect their style - ensuring guests select presents people actually want. The price filter also means no guest will be priced out of contributing.

Visualising your Future

We understand the importance of curating a space that reflects your unique style and shared memories. With our expertly curated selection of artisan furniture and home accessories, you can curate an interior wedding list that reflects your personality, enhances your living space and tells your guests exactly what you want.

With The Roost’s visualisation tools, you can explore countless interior design possibilities from the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of guessing how that sofa or dining table will look in your living room. Our user-friendly online tool simplifies the process of selecting products together, offering a 'try before you buy' premise that will help inform your wedding list. With just a few clicks, you can visualise how each item will look in your home, ensuring that every piece aligns perfectly with your vision for your dream home.

You can bundle up each item on The Roost’s ‘wishlist’ feature and send it directly to a family member or create a more generalised wishlist with products alternating in price for different guests.

Our curated range of products is made almost exclusively by local artisan sellers. We make sure to choose the highest-quality products that are designed to last - and all within a lead time of a matter of weeks, ensuring they are ready for the big day. Read on for our gift guide.

The Roost’s Tips to Consider:

Start compiling your wedding list early to give your guests plenty of time to explore different options. Starting early gives you time to find the items you want for your new home and gives your guests time to browse different options.

Some easy themes to think about when dividing wedding presents would be breaking down interiors into different categories.

Sofas and seating:

Whether it’s creating a cosy nook in the corner of your bedroom or presenting a showstopping piece in the centre of your living room, you want your sofa to create a big impact.

A statement seat. Every room needs one, and we have found you the perfect chair: The Ginger Cotton Matt Velvet Armchair

How about a few bold bar stools to brighten up your new kitchen? Spread the cost among four of five guests and you’re whole breakfast bar is sorted: The Edith Stained Glass Rose Stool

The must-have Suzani Bench - a perfect seat to pull out when hosting and something that adds a gorgeous statement to any room it’s in. Perfect for a study, bedroom and sitting room, adding this bench to your wedding list is a must.


Mirrors have the power to be the focal point of any room - whether hanging in the centre of a sitting room or resting on the side of a bedroom - they elevate any space with their size, colour and finish.

Whether you’re looking for a bold colour, interesting shape or classic fit, The Roost’s array of mirrors makes the perfect start to your wedding list.

For a modern twist on a classic: The Gold Bobbin Mirror

For an interesting shape: The JOY Rattan Asymmetric Mirror

For a bold statement: The MAXI Grey Mother of Pearl


Versatile and stylish - dress your home in luxurious-looking lampshades, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to every corner.

The great thing about lampshades is you’ll often want a pair. What a better way to gift someone, than with a pair of these gorgeous Betty lampshades.

For a more elegant look, try the Roost’s favourite Teal Banadni Silk Lampshade - the perfect fixture on anyone’s wedding list.

For a brighter and bolder wedding present, why not go for The Roost’s Tangier Raffia Lampshade in Denim.

Wedding Lists by Price Tag:

A list tailored towards every budget

Another great way to divide wedding gifts would be by price.

Letting your guests filter the best price point for them means you can accommodate everyone's budget while still receiving thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

Whether it's budget-friendly kitchen essentials or more luxurious statement pieces, creating your wedding list by price ensures that there's something for everyone to contribute to your new home.

Don't hesitate to set up different price tiers on our website to guide your guests in finding the perfect gift that fits their comfort zone.

Under £50:

Our simple, yet stylish Seema Rafia Candle Lampshade makes the perfect addition to your wedding list. The affordable price also allows guests to gift you a pair or even more…!

Something memorable and bright, like The Roost’s Coral Bird Of Paradise Cushion Cover.

More recently, we’ve been loving our Collage by Chessie collections here at The Roost - there’s something exciting about blending modern design into your classic first home as a married couple.

A timeless art piece like The Roost’s Black Abstract Shapes Print - that you can blend into a collage on your walls or have as a stand-alone piece. 

Under £100:

Every first home has a drinks bar, and every drinks bar needs our Strand Rattan Ice Bucket

While we’re on Rattan, this classic Asho Pendant Lampshade needs a spot on your list.

Under £250:

If you’re brave enough to really push the boat out - you need this Raffia Tassel Pendant Lampshade on your list at once.

The most perfect quilt for your first bed as newly-weds - The Daisy Blue Cotton Quilt

At the end of the day, your wedding list should be a symbol of everything you love as a couple, making sure there are hints of both of your personalities inside. Make your list a reflection of your shared tastes, ensuring that each gift adds a special touch and is accessible to all your guests.

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