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Article: Adding Colour to Your Home: The Roost’s Guide to Elevating Your Space

Adding Colour to Your Home: The Roost’s Guide to Elevating Your Space
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Adding Colour to Your Home: The Roost’s Guide to Elevating Your Space

What really can colour add? Colour forms the backbone of any interior project and has the potential to set the tone of a room, while also holding the ability to express one’s personality and creative flair. Whether it’s a bold statement or a subtle addition, colour can transform a space and leave a lasting impression.

Choosing the right colours for your space is crucial, if a bit daunting - after all, colours can have a significant impact on mood and atmosphere. Lighter, more natural-toned spaces often evoke calm and tranquillity, while bright colourful spaces can conjure excitement.

“Colour is the least expensive thing to put in a house” - Ruthie Sommers

Colour can be an intimidating concept to play with when it comes to designing the perfect space. But, fear not. The Roost is here to help you envisage how to elevate your room - using our visualisation platform, you can play around with a subtle pop of colour on one item, to choose a more striking monochrome finish that runs throughout. See all of The Roost's top picks at the bottom of this blog.


We’ve all seen the viral TikTok explaining the “unexpected red theory” - a notion which suggests adding a pop of red to your interior palette will always infuse your space with vibrance and style. This theory champions the idea that colour can elevate any space, no matter if it clashes with the interiors.

As interesting as the trend appears, looking at The Roost’s roster of red products reveals that this is far from a passing fad.

From vibrant red rugs to an eye-catching luscious red lamp base, The Roost’s curated selection of red accessories offers a variety of options to add a pop of colour to any room.


Another colour the interior world has heard a lot about over the last year is blue. Lucy Williams’ infamous living room has been on everyone’s lips recently, as her well-trained interior eye has earned her house widespread acclaim.

Unlike the “unexpected red theory” - where subtlety is key - Lucy Williams takes a different approach in her living room, opting for a monochromatic method to embrace a single colour scheme throughout. Daring - for sure, but there’s no better way to make a statement than choosing one colour and dressing a room in different variations of that colour.

Taking this a step further, choosing a single colour for a smaller room - say an office - is a great way to make the space feel more cosy and intimate. Some of our favourite blue pieces fit for an office nook can be found here.




Yellow, for example, is often likened to the sun and referred to by many psychologists as the ‘universal colour for happiness’. It’s both cheerful and bold, evoking feelings of warmth and happiness.

Incorporating yellow into any living space can instantly lift spirits and lighten moods. It's like bringing a little piece of sunshine indoors, offering a sunny escape from the stresses of the outside world.

"How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” - Vincent Van Gogh

There’s no disputing the fact yellow is one of the happiest colours, promoting a positive environment. However, we know from psychologists that as bright as yellow is, it’s a colour that can disrupt your sleep and should be largely avoided in the bedroom.

Given this advice, The Roost has the perfect yellow collection for a bright living room.

Colour as a form of escapism:

Colour is also a great way to escape the outside world, creating a sense of sanctuary within your own walls. With carefully chosen hues and thoughtful combinations, colour has the power to create both comfort and a refreshing energy. Whether a soothing pastel or a burst of bright tones, choosing the right colour can influence your mood.


Ondula Rug in Brick RedOndula Rug in Brick Red
Lampbase Ceramic Honey Pot RedLampbase Ceramic Honey Pot Red
Rattan Scalloped Tray (Red)Rattan Scalloped Tray (Red)
Foxglove Lumbar Cushion | Blue & GreenFoxglove Lumbar Cushion | Blue & Green
Coral Wallpaper BlueCoral Wallpaper Blue
Molly Mahon
Coral Wallpaper Blue Sale price£188.00
Free Shipping
Mid-Blue - 5 Book BundleMid-Blue - 5 Book Bundle
Barba Rug in Mustard Yellow
Golden Sun MirrorGolden Sun Mirror
Golden Sun Mirror Sale price£95.96
Tangier Raffia Lampshade, Soleil

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