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Article: Lighting: Why it will make or break your space

Lighting: Why it will make or break your space
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Lighting: Why it will make or break your space

Lighting is one of the most essential elements in any home. It’s the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space. Get it right, and you’ll have a warm, inviting and restful home. Get it wrong, and you’ll have just the opposite. If you’ve been dealt the misfortune of only having spot lighting, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. 

“Lighting brings warmth and life into a room and can animate and transform even the smallest of places” – Aerin Lauder

The right lighting, placed in the right locations, will enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your home. It provides a source of light (physically and aesthetically), productivity and ambience. Let’s take a look at the effect it has on the home environment:

Mood and ambience

Lighting has an instant effect on the ambience of your space. Light up the corners of your room with a soft, warm glow, and you’ll find you’ve created a cosy, inviting space. Flood your room with bright cool lights, and you’ll have a stimulating, energised environment. 

Space and depth 

You can easily make a small room feel larger with strategically placed lighting. By placing lights in the right positions, you’ll create an illusion of space and eliminate dark corners that absorb the light. You can also use lighting to highlight architectural features or throw a focus on your favourite art pieces.

Productivity and function

Some rooms need more light than others. You don’t want to be fumbling for the kitchen knives or struggling to read at your desk. However, a bedroom needs a softer, more ambient glow to create a restful haven. Match your lighting to your needs, and you’ll have a home that works for you.  

Lighting is the ideal medium for making the most of your space and setting the mood of the room. It’s important to choose lighting that works with the style and design of your home, and to choose a variety of lighting options to create a natural balance and ambience. 

Overhead lighting

One key issue we encounter is where to place your lighting. Spot lighting is a common feature in modern homes, but it can create a blank, uninviting space without any additional lights to soften the glare. Ideally, you want to maintain functionality in your room/space without overhead lighting. Consider lighting at various levels; a floor lamp behind a sofa is an excellent reading aid, as well as looking stylish and adding height.

Accent lighting

Table lamps bring colour and pattern to any corner of the home with a wealth of styles to suit your taste. A combination of classic and contemporary bases and shades add interest and can be easily swapped around.

Bedroom lighting

When it comes to the bedroom, bedside lighting comes in many forms. Depending on your needs, you may decide on wall or table lights. Always think about how you use your room. If you’re a bookworm, you may consider wall lights so you can read into the night without disturbing anyone else’s sleep. Wall lights take up minimal space, so if bedside tables aren’t an option, these can be an easy win. Ask an electrician about dimmable switches. Trust us –  they’re a game changer!


Don’t forget about lampshades! The perfect lampshade will make all the difference to your space. When it comes to your lampshades, don’t worry that these have to be a pair if you’re upcycling. Make sure you’ve got some shade carriers to hand so you can ensure that no matter the height of the lamps, the shades can be equal height if symmetry is important to you.

Discover The Roost’s collection of lighting here. 

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