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Article: The Joy of Art and Storage

The Joy of Art and Storage
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The Joy of Art and Storage

Sometimes it only takes one thing to turn a house into a home. That’s why we have such a passion for art. Just one piece of statement art transforms a room and creates an instant ambience. We’re also (quite embarrassingly) passionate about storage. Because once you’ve discovered the joy of getting on top of the clutter and organising your home with beautiful storage, you’ll never look back. 


Art is a simple but underrated feature and an effective way to transform a room without spending a fortune. It’s much more important to buy art for the love of it. 

The right piece creates the conversation of the room and brings your own personality to the space. From one piece, you might then pick the colour or theme for the whole room. As a studio, we love to fill our interiors with one-off pieces and invest in up-and-coming artists. You never know; it might even increase in value if you choose well! So, why add art to your home?

It’ll reflect your personal style

There’s no better way to express your personality in your home. Your choice of art is a direct reflection of your personal style and taste. One piece of wall art can speak volumes. Display artwork that reflects your personality and interests, and you’ll create a home that really resonates with who you are. 

It’ll add visual interest

Who wants bare walls? A glorious piece of artwork will add visual interest and texture to your space. It adds depth and dimension to even the smallest of rooms. Choose a piece of art that complements the colour scheme of your interiors, and you’ll create a cohesive feel across the space. 

It’ll give you something to talk about

Art is a conversation starter. Choose a statement piece for your home, and you can be sure everyone will want to discuss it. As a focal point for your room, a unique piece of art will always draw attention and make your space feel more engaging. 



Here at The Roost, we love storage! Yes, it’s practical and functional. However, the right storage solutions will make a home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. If you want to live a clutter-free life, unencumbered by mess and chaos, then you want to invest in some serious storage. 

It’ll create space

The best storage solutions will maximise space in your home. You can utilise vertical space by adding shelving or cabinets. Or you can free up valuable floor space by investing in multi-functional pieces that act as both furniture and storage. Decorative pieces of furniture and bedside tables double up as storage, so choose something with deep drawers and ample surface space. Reclaim your space!

It’ll help you get organised

Having enough storage will help you keep on top of your daily routines and avoid the disorganisation that comes with a busy life. Adequate storage space will keep a home organised. A waist-high cabinet also gives you shelf space for vases and trinkets. There’s nothing more satisfying that finding a home for something that has been cluttering up the room for too long. 

It’ll look fantastic

Yes, storage is functional, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Whilst storage needs to be a practical choice, The Roost offers a wonderful selection that can really bring your room to life. Pair this with some wall décor, and this will change your house into a home.

What are you waiting for? Check out our storage and decor!

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