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CF Editions

CF Editions

Over 30 years ago, Christopher Farr and Matthew Bourne embarked on a mission to blend traditional textile craftsmanship with contemporary design. Their unwavering commitment to quality and aesthetic excellence has revolutionised rug design, elevating rug-making to fine art status.

Today, they preserve global weaving traditions while exploring creative design possibilities. Collaborating with international artists, architects, and fashion designers, CF Editions offers an unparalleled collection. With a focus on precision, each rug is crafted to the highest standards and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. The collaboration includes renowned artists like William Scott, Gary Hume, Sandra Blow, Terry Frost, and Anni Albers, ensuring meticulous involvement throughout the production process for faithful representation of the original work. 

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Permutation Brown - William Scott
Plate 111 - Gunta Stolzl
The Many Faces of Red - Josef AlbersThe Many Faces of Red - Josef Albers
Equivicol, 1962 - Josef AlbersEquivicol, 1962 - Josef Albers
Aoueilles - Tanya LingAoueilles - Tanya Ling
Small Childs Room - Anni Albers
Albers Runner Large - Anni AlbersAlbers Runner Large - Anni Albers
Untitled - Jenier Durrant
Variations - Terry Frost
Aquilla - Margo Selby
Benares Pewter - Matthew HiltonBenares Pewter - Matthew Hilton
Albers Runner Small - Anni AlbersAlbers Runner Small - Anni Albers
Benares Rust - Matthew HiltonBenares Rust - Matthew Hilton
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Bohinc Solar Circle - Lara Bohinc
Bottle 1 - David Weeks
Design for Wallhanging - Anni AlbersDesign for Wallhanging - Anni Albers
Full, 1962 - Josef AlbersFull, 1962 - Josef Albers
Homage - Josef AlbersHomage - Josef Albers
Omega - Omega WorkshopOmega - Omega Workshop
Omega Fish - Omega WorkshopOmega Fish - Omega Workshop
Omega Rectangles - Omega WorkshopOmega Rectangles - Omega Workshop
Omega Reflection - Omega WorkshopOmega Reflection - Omega Workshop
Omega Window - Omega WorkshopOmega Window - Omega Workshop
Penny Falls - Kate Blee
Plate 120 - Gunta StolzlPlate 120 - Gunta Stolzl
Plate 180 - Gunta StolzlPlate 180 - Gunta Stolzl
Plate 184 - Gunta StolzlPlate 184 - Gunta Stolzl
Signum - Margo SelbySignum - Margo Selby
CF Editions
Signum - Margo Selby Sale price£850.00
Squares in Orbit - Sandra BlowSquares in Orbit - Sandra Blow
Study Large - Anni Albers
Study Small - Anni Albers
Sulpice - Christopher Farr
Temple Berry - Anni Albers
Temple Emanu-El - Anni Albers
Three Squares - Sandra BlowThree Squares - Sandra Blow