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Frankie Penwill

Frankie Penwill

Frankie Penwill is an artist and print designer living in east London, her work is heavily influenced by her obsession with everything botanical and floral. Originating from a small town in the county of Devon, England, she grew up surrounded by nature and being outdoors. Frankie’s most recent inspiration comes from interiors, and loves painting different vases, jugs and ceramics.

Discover her wonderful collection of prints below, and prepare to be wowed. 

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Lemons In Striped BowlLemons In Striped Bowl
Frankie Penwill
Lemons In Striped Bowl Sale priceFrom £50.00
Peaches In Blue Striped BowlPeaches In Blue Striped Bowl
Pears In Black & White BowlPears In Black & White Bowl
Frankie Penwill
Blossoms Sale priceFrom £50.00
Unconditional LoveUnconditional Love
Frankie Penwill
Unconditional Love Sale priceFrom £50.00
Figs In Wavy VaseFigs In Wavy Vase
Frankie Penwill
Figs In Wavy Vase Sale priceFrom £50.00
Off White Flowers In Lady VaseOff White Flowers In Lady Vase
Orange Flowers In Sun & Moon VaseOrange Flowers In Sun & Moon Vase
Pomegranates In Wavy BowlPomegranates In Wavy Bowl
Daisies In Striped VaseDaisies In Striped Vase
Tomatoes In Red BowlTomatoes In Red Bowl
Frankie Penwill
Tomatoes In Red Bowl Sale priceFrom £50.00
Blue Flowers In Palm Tree VaseBlue Flowers In Palm Tree Vase
Blue Flowers In Shell VaseBlue Flowers In Shell Vase
True LoveTrue Love
Frankie Penwill
True Love Sale priceFrom £50.00
Tulips In Floral Star VaseTulips In Floral Star Vase
White Flowers In Shell VaseWhite Flowers In Shell Vase
Yellow Flowers In Sun VaseYellow Flowers In Sun Vase
Frankie Penwill
Blooms Sale priceFrom £50.00