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Ethical? Tick. Handcrafted? Tick. Utterly irresistible? Another tick. Hastshilp creates rattan furniture and home decor that’s 100% ethical and 100% unique. Their bespoke designs are drawn by hand in the UK and then sent to a team in India to be brought to life. All their products are handmade in a small town in Northern India, where co-founder Aadil is originally from, by a family whose skills have been passed down through generations. 

As each item is handcrafted by independent artisans, and due to natural materials and the traditional process of working with cane, no two items will be exactly the same. You can be sure that your piece is a true one-off. That’s what makes Hastshilp so special. 

Discover this distinctive collection of delights, and prepare to fall in love.

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Goldie Rattan TrayGoldie Rattan Tray
Goldie Rattan Tray Sale price£120.00
Amina Natural Rattan Side TableAmina Natural Rattan Side Table
Anar Rattan LampshadeAnar Rattan Lampshade
Anar Rattan Lampshade Sale priceFrom £130.00
Damru Rattan Side TableDamru Rattan Side Table
Eliza Rattan HangerEliza Rattan Hanger
Eliza Rattan Hanger Sale price£12.00
Etta Rattan Scalloped Pendant - 34cmEtta Rattan Scalloped Pendant - 34cm
Ivy Rattan TrayIvy Rattan Tray
Ivy Rattan Tray Sale price£120.00
Joy Rattan Asymmetric MirrorJoy Rattan Asymmetric Mirror
Joy Rattan Asymmetric Mirror Sale priceFrom £320.00
Luna Rattan LampshadeLuna Rattan Lampshade
Luna Rattan Lampshade Sale priceFrom £140.00
Mimi Rattan Scalloped MirrorMimi Rattan Scalloped Mirror
Mimi Rattan Scalloped Mirror Sale priceFrom £290.00
Natural Rattan Drum LampshadeNatural Rattan Drum Lampshade
Natural Rattan Drum Lampshade Sale priceFrom £130.00
Natural Rattan Mimi LamshadeNatural Rattan Mimi Lamshade
Natural Rattan Mimi Lamshade Sale priceFrom £100.00
Natural Rattan Wave LamshadeNatural Rattan Wave Lamshade
Natural Rattan Wave Lamshade Sale priceFrom £100.00
Phoenix Rattan Side TablePhoenix Rattan Side Table
Rattan Chest Laundry BasketRattan Chest Laundry Basket
Rattan Scalloped TrayRattan Scalloped Tray
Rattan Scalloped Tray Sale priceFrom £160.00
Royal Arch Rattan MirrorRoyal Arch Rattan Mirror
Serena Oval Rattan MirrorSerena Oval Rattan Mirror
Sunny Rattan HangerSunny Rattan Hanger
Sunny Rattan Hanger Sale price£12.00
Zenith Rattan Side TableZenith Rattan Side Table
Ainara Rattan HangerAinara Rattan Hanger
Ainara Rattan Hanger Sale price£12.00