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Leaf Envy

Leaf Envy

What could be more blissful than a foliage-filled retreat? Leaf Envy is the result of founder Beth’s love affair with the botanical world. She believes that plants bring spaces to life and make people happy. And we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re stocking these glorious plants and pots, along with some special botanical bundles created to fit beautifully with your personal space. 

Leaf Envy’s mission is to connect people with nature. Their carefully curated selection of high-quality and unusual plants and bespoke pots will make beautiful botanical homes achievable to all. 

Explore these special plants and perfectly-fitting pots, and just see if you can resist! 

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Bird Of Paradise Plant - LargeBird Of Paradise Plant - Large
Rubber PlantRubber Plant
Leaf Envy
Rubber Plant Sale priceFrom £10.00
Boston Fern & Broadway Sea Spray
Boston Fern PlantBoston Fern Plant
Leaf Envy
Boston Fern Plant Sale priceFrom £12.00
Broadway Chalk Pot
Leaf Envy
Broadway Chalk Pot Sale priceFrom £15.00
Broadway Sea Spray Pot
Leaf Envy
Broadway Sea Spray Pot Sale priceFrom £15.00
Calathea Medallion PlantCalathea Medallion Plant
Leaf Envy
Calathea Medallion Plant Sale priceFrom £22.00
Calathea Orbifolia & Dalston Chalk
Calathea Orbifolia PlantCalathea Orbifolia Plant
Leaf Envy
Calathea Orbifolia Plant Sale priceFrom £20.00
Chinese Money Plant - SmallChinese Money Plant - Small
Dalston Chalk PotDalston Chalk Pot
Leaf Envy
Dalston Chalk Pot Sale priceFrom £20.00
Dalston Charcoal Pot
Leaf Envy
Dalston Charcoal Pot Sale priceFrom £20.00
Dalston Sea Spray Pot
Leaf Envy
Dalston Sea Spray Pot Sale priceFrom £20.00
Elizabeth Shell PotElizabeth Shell Pot
Leaf Envy
Elizabeth Shell Pot Sale priceFrom £16.00
Golden Pothos Plant - MediumGolden Pothos Plant - Medium
Hyde Rust Pot - Small
Leaf Envy
Hyde Rust Pot - Small Sale price£16.00
Kentia Palm & Dalston Chalk
Kentia Palm PlantKentia Palm Plant
Leaf Envy
Kentia Palm Plant Sale priceFrom £56.00
Mangle Rust Pot - Small
ZZ PlantZZ Plant
Leaf Envy
ZZ Plant Sale priceFrom £25.00
Marble Queen Pothos Plant - MediumMarble Queen Pothos Plant - Medium
Bird of Paradise & Broadway Charcoal
Parlour Palm PlantParlour Palm Plant
Leaf Envy
Parlour Palm Plant Sale priceFrom £10.00
Philodendron Scandens Plant - Medium
Pink Nanouk Plant - SmallPink Nanouk Plant - Small
Regent Chalk Pot - Small
Snake PlantSnake Plant
Leaf Envy
Snake Plant Sale priceFrom £14.00
Windsor Rust Pot
Leaf Envy
Windsor Rust Pot Sale priceFrom £18.00
Windsor Sage Pot
Leaf Envy
Windsor Sage Pot Sale priceFrom £18.00
Monstera DeliciosaMonstera Deliciosa
Leaf Envy
Monstera Deliciosa Sale priceFrom £25.00